A few things to consider while compare Virtual Data Rooms

virtual data room

The convenience of storing information, the ability to synchronize files on multiple devices and create folders for group work make Data Rooms in demand for both personal and work needs. But how to choose the most suitable service for your needs? Here is more about it.

Virtual Data Room: what is the purpose?

Today, a large proportion of documents that regulate the main business processes of a large enterprise fall on the so-called unstructured data: contracts, e-mail files, engineering drawings, etc. Their storage and use without specialized electronic document management systems is a “headache” for the organization’s management.

Virtual Data Room technology offers its customers a full cycle of work on the development and implementation of electronic document management systems that allow you to reliably store data, quickly find it in the system, ensure the prompt approval of documentation, track the deadlines, and quality of work of employees. So, it is a secure digital workspace, and data warehouse.

Among the most renowned Data Room competitors on the global IT market there are:

  1. iDeals
  2. Intralinks
  3. SecureDocs
  4. Datasite
  5. Ansarada
  6. Box
  7. Citrix
  8. Dealroom
  9. Digify

What are the criteria to compare Data Room services?

When choosing the Data Room solution for your company, give preference to multifunctional services. Not all information or services can (or should) be provided in the same way for all portal users, and you need a solution that can support the appropriate range of communication channels.

Let`s consider the key aspects to compare virtual data rooms:

  • Data management

A secure data room is an ideal solution for storing all important documents and data. For location-independent processing and mobile access, a project manager can assign different access authorizations and thus put together a cross-location team for his project. Authorization management can be released with just a few clicks and allows access authorizations to be notified according to project responsibility and granted individually.

  • Fastest connections and accesses

Data Room providers are investing in the latest network interfaces as well as high-speed lines at Internet exchange points. This enables the fastest access to data and applications both within the data center and for external users.

  • Security

Pay special attention to the security options that are available for saved data when it is at rest and in transit. It is common for storage and backup services to apply AES encryption to stored data and TLS in transit. These safeguards ensure that your data cannot be read by the cloud service or by anyone intercepting the data that you send to the service. Depending on the sensitivity of your data, you may want more control and protection.

  • Support

Support can vary significantly between services. In large geographically distributed companies, not all employees work at the same time, but if an employee encounters a problem, his productivity may be suspended until he receives a response to his request. Portals, especially those with an extensive knowledge base, provide 24/7 support, which allows you to quickly resolve issues regardless of the availability of personnel support.

  • Cost

If a cloud storage solution is indeed the right solution, improving your team’s productivity and taking the pressure off the infrastructure, you will be able to calculate the total cost of ownership of these cloud resources and compare it to the cost of the status quo. This includes the cost of acquiring and maintaining new storage volumes, as well as the impact of a potentially inefficient file sharing and collaboration approach.