Compare and Review the Top-Rated VDR Services in the Market

In order to ensure high protection of information and other important resources, it is necessary, firstly, to form a correct security policy with appropriate documentation and, secondly, to implement reliable technical means of protection.

The Main Principles of the Most Popular VDR Providers

Today, more and more attention is paid to the analysis of information security risks. There are several main reasons for this: the continuous growth of the use of information technologies in the activity of almost any modern enterprise, the increase in the value of information processed and generated during the work of enterprises, as well as the integration of various information products in order to cover all the needs of the enterprise.

When we talk about VDR security, there are the main principles:

  1. Confidentiality.

We are talking about a special organization and further support of constant control, which allows you to guarantee the necessary level of security of all data. As a result, it is possible to avoid illegal theft of information. It is especially important to maintain confidentiality whenever you forward information to others or when storing data from all kinds of third-party sources.

  1. Integrity.

Integrity involves a set of certain elements that affect the sequence of obtaining information data – internal and external. If you take care of the integrity of information in a timely manner, you can exclude its further distortion at all stages of work.

  1. Availability.

It’s a principle that tells us that data is open only to those with the appropriate permissions. For example, users have more rights than intended.

Which Are Top-Rated Data Room Services in the Market?

It is necessary to understand that the technologies used by cybercriminals are constantly evolving, and criminals invent more and more new ways of penetrating and hacking information systems. In order to detect and prevent the consequences of attacks in a timely manner, VDR security should become one of the business priorities for the company’s top managers. However, to test the effectiveness of the protection, clear metrics should be set, which will subsequently be used regularly. That is why it is important to compare virtual data rooms:

  • CapLinked.

Caplinked will set up backup and data encryption on all company computers. Because object storage has no hierarchy and metadata is fully customizable, there are far fewer restrictions than file or block storage.

  • Digify.

Digify integrates information security systems with information technologies (a complex of works on the construction and implementation of protection systems for all possible segments of the customer’s organization). Built-in AI and high availability support high performance and reliability with an SLA of up to 99.995 percent availability.

  • Ansarada.

In Ansarada, data is stored in tables that look just like worksheets, but tables are designed for complex queries against data stored in other tables. It can also help developers avoid hard coupling applications by decoupling vendors and schemas. Applications must be connected to a virtual database in order to access multiple databases.

The VDR companies that provide cyber security services strongly recommend that all organizations immediately conduct a thorough diagnosis of their information security level and implement the necessary protective mechanisms. However, the data room still remains a component of cyber security, which is a much broader category and includes not only the protection of information and data but also the protection of systems, networks, and more.