Add Value to Urban Form by Planning Head Office Initiatives

Corporate headquarters, also known as corporate headquarters, is the focal point of any large or growing corporation. It serves as the nerve center of operations for the company, and it determines the success or failure of the company in everything it does. Corporate headquarters is where decisions are made and policies are set forth, and this may vary from country to country. It is crucial that corporate headquarters is prestigious, creative, and accessible enough so that people within the company can easily understand what is happening at their company. In this world of information, it is very easy to lose sight of the goal and the mission of the company. If you cannot keep everyone in the company on the same page, then communication within the company will be severely affected.

The corporate headquarters may be located in the city, state, or country. In the United States, the most prominent example of a commercial building having its headquarters in Silicon Valley is Apple Inc. The company’s main headquarters is situated in Cupertino, California. A small town nearby called Mountain View is home to a majority of Apple’s employees. Most employees who work in Mountain View have been there for the duration of the company, having begun work during the early days when it was still known as Macintosh Computers Inc. For many years, the headquarters of Apple was located in Cupertino, but in recent years, it has been in San Francisco.

Another example of a company with its corporate headquarters located in the rural/suburban area is AT&T. The largest wireless phone carrier in the United States, AT&T also happens to be one of the largest employers in the country. Many people who work at&T get their start working in the company’s call centers, which are located all over the country. Because of their remote working conditions, they often appreciate having tax breaks when they relocate to another office outside of San Francisco. Many of these people later go on to work for other large companies with call centers in other states, especially those like Microsoft that have outposts in major cities around the country.

One other corporation with an outskirt headquarters in San Francisco is Cisco, which happens to be one of the world’s largest computer networking companies. Like many large corporations, Cisco’s corporate headquarters is in San Francisco, but they also have several outposts throughout the United States. These outposts tend to be in smaller cities, such as San Diego and Oregon, but some have as far away as Delaware, New Jersey.

Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and AT&T all have outposts in various states across the country. Even though Apple already has its corporate headquarters in the city of Cupertino, there are rumors that they will soon be expanding their presence in the state of Wisconsin. This could be part of the reason why Apple recently purchased the land for two mega malls in Wisconsin. Reports indicate that the planned Apple Park would consist of over five billion square feet of space and includes a hotel, hundreds of condos, multiple parks, restaurants and even a terminal for the new worldwide blockbuster movie The Transformers.

In many cities like San Francisco, companies do not have local airport facilities to pick up their work force when they are in town. For these companies, they often have to hire vans and charter planes to bring them into town. It costs the company thousands of dollars to lease a vehicle for long distance travel. There are companies like Yellow Jackets that rent vans to their clients, but usually at extremely high rates. If the corporate headquarters of some of these large corporations were in a place like San Francisco, where the cost of commercial transportation is lower, then they would be able to offer their employees more pay and incentives to move to the area.

Cities that are expanding the size of their business units should look into ways to reduce the number of barriers in the way of transporting personnel from corporate headquarters to the various outlying business units. For example, the business units that are service related have to be within walking distance or within easy travel distance of the corporate headquarters. This allows for seamless transitions between the service units and the corporate headquarters. It also makes it easier for incoming calls to reach the correct people in a timely fashion.

To conclude, it is vital that cities with growing business climates add value to the existing urban form by planning head-office initiatives. One way to add value is to improve the modes of transportation for the staff who must get to the head-office. By improving city planning, we can make our cities attractive to investment. There are a number of things we can do to minimize the use of barriers to transportation and increase the attractiveness of the urban form. This would add value both to the existing urban form and to the corporate headquarters.